Supernumerary Committee


November 29, 2004


Minutes of the Meeting



The following members of the Supernumerary Committee (the “Committee”) of the San Francisco Opera (the “Opera”) were present for all or parts of the meeting:


            Susan Anderson

Irene Bechtel

Mike Harvey

            Priscilla Lore

            Paul Szczesiul

            Kimberly Thompson

            Sally Warren

            Rob Wonder


            Also present was Carrie Murphy. Rob served as Chair and Priscilla served as Secretary.


Rob called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


The minutes of the November 1, 2004, meeting were read and approved.


Financial Report


            The Financial Report showed deposits totaling $1,430.00 to bring our balance up to $4,216.17 at November 22, 2004.  Of that total, Rudy Cook had donated $1,000 toward the Super Party and the remainder was made up of tickets to the Super Party and three donations.


            The Financial Report was accepted.


Old Business


Super Party:  Mike reported that 103 guests were confirmed to date.  Rob extended compliments to Mike on the invitation’s mention of Rudy Cook’s donation. 


Susan reported that she had told the caterer that we would volunteer to greet visitors and bus tables.  A discussion followed of supplies and logistics.  It was decided that we would provide appetizers from CostCo.


Mike volunteered to be Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  The evening’s program was discussed.  It was suggested that Carolyn Waugh do her Sally Jo LaRue skit during dinner because Charlie Lichtman’s skit was turning out to be a full-length opera. 


Paul reported on the progress of the skit. He also said that we needed to look at the list of thank yous to make sure everyone was acknowledged who had made contributions to the supers.


Susan left the meeting at 7:15 pm.


Carrie said that she would make the presentation of the plaque to the super(s) of the year. 


Hammies:  Paul reported that he had finally been able to contact John Gianonis (sp?) who would be making the Hammies for the awards.  Mike read the list of possibilities for Hammy winners. Kimberly and Rob would do the presentations á la the Academy Awards. 


Other Business


            Mike reported that he had put a notice on the Spearhead website about the death of Clint Jennings.


            Mike had spoken with Andrew Korniej regarding the hard-copy newsletters.  Andrew was not interested in continuing to produce and mail them.  It was suggested that a notice be put on the website asking for someone to help out with the hard-copy newsletters.  Rob thought that we put this as an agenda item for the next meeting.


            It was mentioned that people who don’t have e-mail are receiving their Spearhead newsletters late. Andrew Korniej is taking care of mailing the hard copies; Mike said he would talk to Andrew about continuing to mail hard copies.


Other agenda items for the next meeting were suggested:  the next garage sale, bake sale, elections.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.


The next meeting will be January 31, 2005, at 6:30 pm in the 4th floor conference room of the Opera House. Sally will act as chair.