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Happy Birthday to SpearheadNews!

SpearheadNews, the online version of the Spearhead will be one year old in June 2004. It's been great fun building this site and we are just getting warmed up. The editorial staff is planning lots of fun and exciting features to keep you entertained while you're supposed to be working. To commemorate our anniversary, we thought it might be fun to provide you with some little-known facts taken from a month-in-the-life of SpearheadNews. Let's focus on January 2004, our busiest time so far. The Super Party had been a fabulous success and there were lots of party pictures to see as well as some unique rehearsal shots of the plate-throwers and quick-change artistes appearing in La Bohème. Here are some of the facts:

  • A total of 27,603 hits for the month
  • January 7 had the most traffic with 2536 hits
  • Nearly 10% of all hits occurred at around 4 PM Califoria time. Might as well surf the web it's so close to time to go home!
  • La Bohème photos and the Super Party pages were the most visited (no surprises here)
  • The US Government was a very frequent visitor!
  • Visitors seem to be about 60% Windows users vs. 35% Macintosh devotees
  • We've been Googled from Germany, Japan, Italy, UK, and Australia
  • After the USA, the country that visits us most is Croatia!

Here's to SpearheadNews! Happy Birthday and may all the wonderful and talented Supers be cast in fabulous roles in the coming seasons so we'll have something to write about.

-- Mike Harvey, Webmaster