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Out of the Box - page 3


SFO Super and Berkeley Celtic Studies Professor Dan Melia, who appeared in many operas from 1989 to 1993 but has not been seen on the Opera House stage in recent years, made a triumphant return to TV’s Jeopardy on April 13th.

Dan had been a winning contestant back in 1998 when he went home with $175,000 and a Corvette. He was one of 45 previous winners who qualified for the second round of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions and easily beat out two contestants with very bad hair, Kyle and Rick, winning a staggering $37,000 and the chance to go on and compete for $2 million! Yaaayy!!

Dan was introduced by Alex Trebek as “one of the most interesting Irish-Americans” and did extremely well in most categories, especially "Shocking Art" (“Who was Botticelli?” and “What was the Armory Show?”); "Presidents" (“Who was Rutherford B. Hayes?” -- a very good question); "Quotes" (topically “Who is Camilla Parker Bowles?” [and “What has she got on her head?”]; and "Calories" (“What is Wendy’s?” which earned him big bucks). "Child Stars" seemed to be his only weakness, as he failed to respond with “Who is Shirley Temple?” and “Who is Anna Paquin?” but he triumphed with “Parris NC” for $2,000 with “What is a Pugil Stick?” which he knew, no doubt, from carrying so many spears and halberds onstage (in case you are wondering “What is a Pugil Stick?” yourselves it is, apparently, a big, squishy red cylinder that U.S. Marines use to practice their fighting skills with).

Alex Trebek got quite excited by it all, saying that Dan was “on fire” and “that good” as he sailed, effortlessly, to victory with “Who is (Sir) Francis Drake?” for $3,600. Dan's appearance in the next round will be on May 16th. For more information go to www.jeopardy.com.

Meanwhile if you pull out your videotape of the 1993 SFO Turandot and look very closely, you might spot Dan Melia in Act I upstage left, in black, in the dark; which is, after all, a Super’s usual lot. It would be nice to see him back on stage and hope that the Super Casting Department was watching ABC Wednesday night.

Haut Couture

And another Super we haven’t seen enough of recently (because he lives in New York) is Doug Couture who found himself on our pages whilst Googling himself and sent the following note:

Hey you guys,
I just Googled myself and was pleased and surprised to find the pic of Harrison Pierce from
Magic Flute in there. Just wanted to thank you for the nice copy that was written as well.

Hope that you all are well, I am still in NY working soaps and part time on Broadway. I'm hoping to make it out there this fall. I hear that there have been many an improvement since I left in '94.
Douglas Couture

Doug supered in the early Nineties (The Magic Flute and War and Peace) and then worked as a Super dresser for a few seasons. He says he still stays in touch with his wardrobe mentor David Barnard. Always good to hear that ex-Supers are thriving outside of SFO.

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