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Super Humans by Ulrica PAGE ONE

Hirsute No More
To shave or not to shave is often the question amongst male supers.

La Cenerentola Super Trooper Eddy Gordillo agreed to remove his moustache at “zero hour,” minutes before curtain on opening night and was commended by Head of Wigs Gerd Mairandres for his sensitivity to the morale of the men’s chorus! Bravo Eddy!

Michigan Bound
There is an ever increasing number of arrivals and departures at SFO these days, and among those heading out this year is super-Super Oliver Pollard.

Oliver and Fan backstage after the final performance of La Cenerentola.

Oliver is retiring from the high-end floor-covering business and the opera stage, and is returning to the Midwest to be closer to his family in Michigan. ETD is early October, so his recent appearance in La Cenerentola marked his farewell to the San Francisco opera stage. Oliver started supering in the 1991 production of War and Peace and has been prominent on the SFO stage since then, including logging close to 100 appearances in Madama Butterfly.

We have set a date for the farewell bash at Buco di Beppo. The date is Monday, September 22nd and the time 6:30. Space is, of course, limited and Ulrica knows that you will all want to bid Oliver Addio as he heads back to the Midwest. So please, if you plan on attending, RSVP by September 19th to my Social Secretary Andrew Korniej at 415/550-0456 or via email at [email protected]. Buco is located on Howard between Fourth and Fifth streets, in fashionable SOMA. Expect to pay $20-25 for as much good pasta as you can eat. See you there! Nancy Huie suggests we all bring snapshots of ´┐ŻOllie' to roast him with. To give you some ideas check out the Career Retrospective just posted.
Another West Coast Thing?

Spearhead Editor Mark Burstein’s mother was recently telling her friends on the New York City circuit how much her son enjoyed volunteering as a Super here in San Francisco. The New Yorkers apparently gave her quizzical looks, wondering why anyone would want to sweep out entryways and fix air-conditioning units in apartment buildings for free.


Will Pose For Lithium!

Who was this gorgeous creature Ulrica spotted during Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade? As she walked alone, people stopped to look and inspect her beauty, causing many to speculate that it was Musetta herself. But Ulrica, a veteran of many a Ballo in Maschera, knew better. Quando men’ vo indeed…






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